Fredericksburg, TX

Checked out of the Sunday House Inn where I was called Darlin’ and Ma`am by the owner. I’ve officially hit Southern hospitality and accents, y`all. Walked down Main Street where people poured out of the Biergarten carrying drinks in their hands and smelling of white wine and beer. I hit up the ice cream shop next door and sat on bench with a scoop of coconut. A man asked, “Young lady, is anyone sittin’ here?” And when I told him, No, he rested for a few minutes before his wife or girlfriend or loving woman came and got him. He patted the bench as he stood up, looked at me and said, “Thank you, ma`am.” There was an accordion playing behind him.

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  1. This made me smile. Few places in Texas quite match the purest version of the Southern hospitality stereotype. Fredericksburg may be one of these places. I grew up in Austin and made frequent trips with my family to Fredericksburg. Since you’re in the general area, you might check out Wimberley, maybe an hour east of Fredericksburg. Then again, if you’re heading west, visiting Wimberley would require a time-consuming detour.

    Good post! 🙂


  2. Oh boy, it’s always so hard for me to recommend what to do in Austin. I’m an outdoors person, so in Austin I swam a lot in Barton Springs (SUPER refreshing with this heat–the pool is always at 68 degrees). If you’re traveling cross-country, I imagine you might welcome a cool swim to revitalize yourself 🙂 Of course, for partying, music, etc. 6th Street will more than suffice. Also, there are pretty views of downtown from Auditorium shores on the other side of the lake/river (feels like a river, but it’s a dammed up lake). Honestly, it’s hard to go wrong. Austin without a plan may be the best plan of all. Hope you’re enjoying it!


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