How`s my driving?

I worry that I may not be giving California the best reputation with my driving. What can I say? I`m new here.

2 responses

  1. I’m not sure there’s anything you could do, short of running over a local public official, that would make CA’s driving reputation worse.


    • Oh gosh, I know. In CA people mostly drive fast and have their own agenda so move out of the way or we`re going around you (or if you`re a pedestrian, running you over because we`re pissed you`re slowing us down) . But I`m not even representing that. I`m more representing confused-out-of-towner. “What? Is that a stop light for me or them?” “Let me over. I need to exit. Oh shit, I need to exit now. Please let me over. Pleas? Please goddammit! Thank you! (inset sheepish wave here). I`m sorry I cut you off.” “Oh wait… I should have exited there. Ooops.”


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