Austin, TX

Heard Austin is really lively in the evenings– from the bat flight to the bars and music. Didn’t get to see it though. After a couple of hours of walking around in the hundred-degree heat, checking out the Capitol and other parts of the city, I stopped in at a bar & grill on West 6th Street where a waiter with a long silver ponytail and handlebar mustache told me I wanted a watermelon margarita. I was drunk and leaving the bar before happy hour. I walked down the street towards the parking garage and a homeless man addressed me as Ma’am and asked if I could spare any change. I told him I was sorry and didn’t have any. I’d just spent it on fish and chips and alcohol. He thanked me and I crossed the street with my Nikon bag slipping from my sweaty sunburnt shoulder, and I slept in my car till dark.

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