Panama City Beach, FL

The people in Panama City is burnt. Either crispy like bacon or red like lobster. But the scenery is rather pretty.

Took route 30, through the charming Grayton, Watercolor, and Seaside, before landing in PC last night. Ate dinner at Salty Sues and chatted with a visor-wearing couple from Alabama, who told me about all of the seaweed that`s in the water now. “There`s a reason it`s the Emerald Coast,” they said, and they weren`t kidding. It`s as if children had come and blown their noses in the ocean.

Today is so damn hot though, I can`t just hang on the beach and admire the view. The longer tresses catch around my legs and I give up trying to step out of them. The smaller boogers catch everywhere else– my fingers, my friendship bracelet… my ears.

I sit back on towel to keep looking out and am instantly hot again. After an hour I`m back at my air-conditioned car with seaweed in my hair and a lobster on my back.

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