There have been a few annoying setbacks during the trip thus far– like my headlight going out back in Tuscon. (I`ve yet to take the time to stop and replace it. My solution is just not to drive much at night.) And my PayPal account was frozen for a random security screening, making it impossible to transfer funds to my bank account. And just when I got the PayPal account up and working again, I get an email from Bank of America saying a fraudulent charge was made with my debit card and now my debit card will no longer work.

I noticed this email on my drive to St. Louis, so I sat in a random parking lot under a Cracker Barrel sign to figure out if there was a way I can get any money.

B.A. Rep: “Your bank in Massachusetts will issue you a new card.”

Me: “Is there another way I can get a new debit card? I`m in the middle of a two-month road trip and I`m not near Massachusetts.”

B.A. Rep: “Where are you now?”

Me: [I look around and see corn fields.] “I think I`m in Indiana.”

B.A. Rep: “Uh. OK.”

Me: “I`ll be in St. Louis tonight. Could I go to a bank in St. Louis?”

B.A. Rep: “No. That`s in the west and your home bank is in the east.”

Me: “Oh. St. Louis is the west?” [sorry– when I think of the west, Missouri is not what comes to mind.]

Me: “So, is there any way I can retrieve money from my account?” [I`d like to leave the corn fields and Cracker Barrel at some point.]

B.A. Rep: “When will you be returning from your trip?”

Me: “Maybe July 25th or so. I`m not entirely sure.”

B.A. Rep: “You don`t have an expected date of return?”

Me: “No.”

B.A. Rep: “Huh. That’s kinda cool.”

Though he was amused, he transferred me to someone else and told me to enjoy my trip, and of course thanked me for being a customer of Bank of America. I think I`m about to figure out what Western Union is all about.

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  1. I am not a fan of banks myself, I think I am becoming a conspiracy theorist about economic America, that aside Thank you for your note! I do hope that your trip goes smoothly from here.


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