Route 66: Truxton, Hackberry and beyond, AZ

Rust, weeds, faded boomerang-style signs— it seems to be the place where automobiles have come to die, rather than move forward. Not much else has seemed to survive since 1960, except maybe the memory turned fantasy of being free and hitting the road.


2 responses

  1. Love the commentary, I’m doing a road trip from San Antonio to Amarillo to catch route 66 all the way back home to Cali. Reading this got me so excited for everything I’m looking forward to about that trip next month.


    • Hey! It’s been a while! Your trip sounds awesome. I enjoyed route 66, especially the parts that haven’t been done up so much for the tourists— though those are cool too. I had to make a few U-turns to take pictures. I’d fly by something cool and then have to wait ten minutes before I could turn around to go see it again. Man, you’re going love it.


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