Hemingway’s House, Key West, FL

He asks if I know anything about cameras and if I can help him with the flash on his. For a second I think that he is feeding me a line and then I realize that I’m not his type. I help him with the flash and he asks if I want some company while touring the house. We walk behind the rest of the group, lingering in front of the oscillating fans and taking photos of the six-toed cats. In the gift shop he buys a book about writing and, per his suggestion, I buy the same one. I don’t have any interest in the book but rather the simple desire to buy a souvenir with someone. We leave the gift shop and shake hands. I learn his name is Brad, and then we say good-bye and turn in opposite directions.

June 2011

See also: Key West, FL (posted 6/26/11) 

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