Savannah, GA

In Savannah it’s a 101° and my feet are swelling. I take a seat near a fountain and find myself thinking of ways I can jump in. I take my water bottle out of my bag, look to my left and to my right and pour the tepid water over my feet and Reef flip-flops.

“Now that’s a way to cool off.”

I look up and see a man coming around the fountain with a backpack slung on his shoulder and flannel shirt around is waist. He smiles and dips his hand in the fountain as he passes by. He caught me.

June 2011

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4 responses

  1. I just love Savannah all year long. The Spanish moss gliding gently in the wind. It’s one of the few places (New Orleans not withstanding) in the US with real French and Spanish Flare. The cobble stone streets by the water and the steep steps used for horse drawn carts. Just AMAZING! And the food, don’t get me started. I may book a flight next week. Nice post. Cheers


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