dsc_1966ROADS AMERICA began in the summer of 2011 with a two-month solo road trip around the US. (Check out the original description below and the original blog!) Since then, the site has continued to provide a home for chronicling both new and old adventures. Thanks so much for reading and coming along for the ride.


“I recently finished grad school, so I`m hitting the road by myself, driving around the country for a month or two before I return to the real world.

I`ll be starting in California and heading east by way of the South. That`s about all the itinerary I have at the moment. I hope to take some pictures, write some stuff down, meet up with old friends and make new ones. 

I don`t have a GPS or an iPhone– paper maps and getting lost are more my style. I also don`t have my computer with me, so I`ll be using libraries or my rinky-dink phone for Internet. (Think: dial-up modem with the lightening bolt sound. That`s my phone’s Internet. No spell check either.) It`s all an adventure.”  June 3, 2011



7 responses

  1. Great writing and blog. I’ve always wanted to do something like this, with the hope of discovering a new place to call my own.

    What do you plan to do once you’re done exploring the country?


    • Thank you! Once I`m done exploring I plan on applying to jobs so I can pay off the student loans. It wont be the dream job, but I`ll worry about that later. Probably something 9-5 so I can have time to write on weekends.


    • Ah shucks. Thank you! I really appreciate when some reads what I write, and it’s a cherry on top when someone likes it, and two cherries on top when someone lets me know they like it. Thanks for the support! This is rad.


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