Roads America 2011: Revisited


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Magnolia Plantation, Charleston, SC




There’s an alligator cruising the waters at Magnolia Plantation and I’m not afraid of him. He glides by and for a minute I wonder if I’m supposed to follow some kind of evacuation procedure. But I’m unfazed, so I continue my stroll around the lake, proud of my calmness until I notice a spider web to my left, another to my right, and one above my head each with a spider the size of quarter in the middle. Then, I run away.

June 2011

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Charleston, SC

Ate a plate of shrimp and grits at the Hominy Grill and walked around Battery Street and looked at the townhouses that are as beautiful and polished as people. Imagined for a while what it must be like to live there– I hope they sit on their balconies every morning and have breakfast. Or at least have a cup of coffee.