Roads America 2011: Revisited


See also: Photographs (posted 11/7/11) 


Fredericksburg, TX

Sat under this sign eating coconut ice cream.

The drive was nine hours of nothing. But in hour ten there were orchards and goats, a sunset and a moonrise, girls in cotton dresses and men in Stetsons, and a main street inundated with strands of white lights and guitar music. Someone should have taken my shoes so I wouldn’t have been able to leave.  

June 2011

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Austin, TX

Heard Austin is really lively in the evenings– from the bat flight to the bars and music. Didn’t get to see it though. After a couple of hours of walking around in the hundred-degree heat, checking out the Capitol and other parts of the city, I stopped in at a bar & grill on West 6th Street where a waiter with a long silver ponytail and handlebar mustache told me I wanted a watermelon margarita. I was drunk and leaving the bar before happy hour. I walked down the street towards the parking garage and a homeless man addressed me as Ma’am and asked if I could spare any change. I told him I was sorry and didn’t have any. I’d just spent it on fish and chips and alcohol. He thanked me and I crossed the street with my Nikon bag slipping from my sweaty sunburnt shoulder, and I slept in my car till dark.

Fredericksburg, TX

Checked out of the Sunday House Inn where I was called Darlin’ and Ma`am by the owner. I’ve officially hit Southern hospitality and accents, y`all. Walked down Main Street where people poured out of the Biergarten carrying drinks in their hands and smelling of white wine and beer. I hit up the ice cream shop next door and sat on bench with a scoop of coconut. A man asked, “Young lady, is anyone sittin’ here?” And when I told him, No, he rested for a few minutes before his wife or girlfriend or loving woman came and got him. He patted the bench as he stood up, looked at me and said, “Thank you, ma`am.” There was an accordion playing behind him.

US-290E, Texas

It got pretty boring today. It’s no one’s fault– not even the place’s. Texas is nice state. Boredom happens. By hour 8 of driving my butt hurts, the bridge of my nose and tops of ears are sore from my sunglasses, my left arm is burnt, every song sounds like the same noise, silence only provides a very brief relief, I’ve called every other person in my phone, and I’ve run out of things to talk about even with myself. I’d give anything to read a magazine and suddenly have the urge to train for a marathon. I’ve become officially restless and wondering if this was a good idea. Then I come up on a hill and see everything laid out in front of me in a way I’ve never seen up close before except maybe in a picture. I change my mind and keep driving. I go down a smaller highway and land in Fredericksburg, TX. There`s a lot of cowboy hats and twinkling lights here. It’s also 75 degrees this evening. Not a bad trade off for a long day’s drive.