Portland, OR

There’s no catching up at first with the old friend; there’s too much to do and too much to see in one day for all that.

There’s the New Seasons market with its organic produce. There’s the Townshend tea room with its hundreds of jars of tea. There’s the old school bus that sells hot dogs. There’s the restaurant with its tapas and wine. There’s the bicycles. And there’s the vegetable garden, and caprese, and a campfire, and dinner under the stars. And there’s no sense that any time has gone by.

There aren’t any pictures.

July 2009


White Water, CA

For my birthday, I head to the desert— a present to myself before moving to the Northeast. I visit John, who has left sister Jenn and the Lou for a dusty piece of property not from Joshua Tree. No more hoosiers, he tells me. Just roadrunners and scorpions. 

He shows me the frozen Sarah Lee that he got me for my birthday then we celebrate with his special punch and some Amy Winehouse. I wake hours later, alone in the dark of his living room, looking at through the sliding glass door for any roadrunners and listening for the hiss of a scorpion.

July 2013