Salton Sea, CA



December 2011


Salton Sea, CA

“…got out of my car only to find myself standing on the bones of some dead animal…”

“Slow. Children at play.”

The city had been so carefully planned. There were  green palm trees and  mailboxes framing the empty lots with the blue Salton Sea peaking in the distance like a mirage. There were streets that were named after popular beaches like Redondo, Manhattan, and Daytona. There were shore-themed streets that sounded like they should sparkle– Shore Isle Ave, Shore King Ave, Shore Jewel Ave., and Shore Life. And there were the generic coastal names like Rainbow Drive, Palm Ave, Sea View Avenue, and Desert Beach. It should have been beautiful.

June 2011

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Salton City, CA

Drove out to the Salton Sea yesterday looking for pieces of the decaying community that I saw online (Google Image search). Turned down a street that had some decapitated palms and got out of my car only to find myself standing on the bones of some dead animal. Took pictures of the charred trailers and houses, and started to move in closer, curious with what the insides of the thrashed homes looked like, when through the lens I saw I was also photographing a person who had been lying on a mattress in the front doorway, his head the only part of him poking out. I backed away. It was daylight but all I could hear was two little kids screaming and a dead palm frond flapping against a fence.